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Let Your Voice Be Heard! The City of the Village of Clarkston would like to hear your thoughts and ideas for making our city better. Community Voice offers an open forum to allow you to submit ideas and engage in discussions with other community members about ways to improve our great city. To get started, you will need to create a profile through the Sign In feature at the top, right of the page. To see comments or suggestions by others, just click on the initiative or idea title. If you have an idea that is not listed, start a new suggestion in the burgundy box that says, “What’s your idea?” NOTE: The City of the Village of Clarkston reserves the right to remove any comments or suggestions at any time that are deemed inappropriate or offensive.
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  1. More daytime activities

    The city is adding more restaurants which will require more parking in the evening. During the day there is always available parking so why not attract businesses that attract daytime traffic or at...

    Feb 12, 2016 by Cory Johnston (33 points)

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  2. Depot Park Security

    So there is a group of high school kids that our making the park a very unsafe place for family and friends to go. They are smoking marijuana, take numerous kinds of pills, and a lot of other drugs....

    Sep 21, 2019 by Mallory (5 points)

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  3. There should be a study of the comparative benefits of capital improvement projects

    The city is considering building a new garage and other Village Hall renovations at a cost of $25,000 per year or more with no definitive savings or return on that investment. Is there a greater...

    Apr 20, 2016 by Cory Johnston (33 points)

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  4. Guidelines for work done in the Historic District

    There does not appear to be any guidelines for work in the city's historic district. Many other communities have these and they would help businesses and individuals know what is required and why when...

    Mar 3, 2016 by Cory Johnston (33 points)

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